A Turn in the Dylan Rhyming Study Road



This blog will take a decidedly different turn.  My focus on the “me” rhyme in Dylan sent a clear message that I was taking on too much, and that a better approach was needed so I could actually accomplish something with Dylan and rhymes within a normal life span.  So from here on out, I plan to examine the rhyming pattern in each of his songs and try to draw some conclusions, some grounded, some farfetched, but all with the intention of having some literary fun with Dylan’s rhyming words and patterns.  I plan to continue this quest with a little help from my scholarly brethren like Christopher Ricks, Michael Gray, Robert Shelton and the like, and the actual Dylan concordance will grow and at a faster rate.  Stay tuned, friends, and I hope you follow me down this new path, and thanks for reading.

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